Plague of the rogue thieves who steal code
I have worked long and hard in creating these tools to remove the Spyware and Malware that infects your system.

I freely distribute these tools to any who asks however there are some who steal it and modify it to make it look like it is their own without my permission. Do not trust these people or their respective websites. The list below is of people who have stolen my code and claims it to be theirs




S!Ri at

Stuart Saunders http://www.internetinspiratixxxxbadlinkremovedxxxxx.htm


You should always scan files before installing.

You should also be aware of other newsgroup trolls and idiots who would probably email you and try to convince you that the tools and utilities I distribute belong to someone else. All of the individuals below have vindictively tried numerous times over the past 4 years to shut down my website by sending emails to my ISP full of lies. If you should receive an email or any correspondence from any of these people DO NOT TRUST THEM and do not believe them.

Leythos the stalker

David H. Lipman

Max M Wachtell III  aka What's in a Name?.


Rhonda Lea Kirk

Meat Plow

Φ Kwatu Φ

George Orwell

Beauregard T. Shagnasty

My software is safe and will not harm your computer. These tools are designed specifically to remove the malware stated.

If you need a password for any of my files click below to email me. Please state in the subject line the name of the file in which you need access.

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